What Is Spread Betting?

If you’re new to the financial markets you may be wondering what all the fuss is about spread betting, and why people in Ireland and the UK are saying it is the best way to trade the markets. Why should you choose spread trading compared to dealing with stock brokers like Davy, NCB or Dolmen Securities? To explain all the advantages, it is necessary to tell you about the different ways you can trade.

Spread Betting and the Stock Markets

History of Spread Trading

What is the Spread? Why are the Buy and Sell figures different?

The Advantages of Financial Spreadbetting

CFDs and Spread Bets Compared

The Markets you can Trade

Spread Trading the Ireland Top 20 Index: ISEQ 20

Betting on Ryanair

Types of Spread Betting: Daily vs Rolling Daily vs Futures

Going Long, Going Short and Initial Margin

How Spread Trading Works

Spread Trading Examples

Trade Management

Opening a Spread Betting Account

Checking Your Gear

What is the Spread? Why are the Buy and Sell figures different?

Importance of Money Management and Risk Control

Spread Betting Order Types

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis Practicalities

Spread Trading Tips

More Trading Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Spread Trading Glossary

Before you commit any real money to trading, why not have a dry run? Demonstration accounts cost nothing to open and use only virtual money. So, you can open and close trades and get an idea of how you might get on if doing it for real.