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I (perhaps like you) became interested in spreadbetting as a way of making money. I liked that it was tax free. I liked that you could gain a bigger exposure. I liked that there was no brokerage (although this is in the spread).  I liked that you could bet big and small amounts.  I liked that you could even short positions (bet the price would go down – so therefore make a profit if the price went down).  So many markets.  So many options.

This is great – how can I lose?  I’ll just double my deposit, then do this again and again until I’m a millionaire, I might even head towards billionaire status.  Now what shall I spend all my money on?  Nice houses, holidays, should I do something good for the world, perhaps invest in green technology?  Plenty of great things ahead.

You may well wonder why I created this site.  The answer is simply because I have heard all too often the tales of woe from people who have launched themselves into the markets, totally unprepared, because they imagined that it was an easy way of making money.

The truth couldn’t be further away from that.  Trading is difficult, requires a huge amount of self-discipline, and is therefore – as is just about any other business – a business that should be learned.  It should be learned with care, from professionals who know it and who can teach it.  For not all those who can do something can also teach the subject.  That takes a skill in its own right.

I have been fortunate in my life to have been an instructor (before coming to the markets, and therefore in a different business), so it is a skill that I possess.  I hope I can put it to good use.

The 2008 crash was the fourth crash I have experienced, the first being 1987, the second being the Japanese crash of 1990, and the third being the dotcom crash at the beginning of the millennium.

I have had my successes and have learnt a lot from my early days as a beginner in the trading world. I have stumbled and picked myself up again. Each time, I have learnt something more both about trading and more importantly about myself. This site is aimed at giving insight into the journey that I have had and the lessons I have learned.

Enjoy! I hope you gain something for your own trading from my lessons learned.

Please note: This is my own website and it isn’t regulated by the FSA.  Any market views expressed herein are my own, based purely on my own technical analysis.  My views are not intended as investment advice, nor should they be interpreted as such.  Any action taken based on those views is entirely at the risk of the person taking that action.

About Spread-Betting.ie

Spread-Betting.ie is the brainchild of Dan Russell, who realized in 2008 that there was a pressing need for a coherent and focused website specifically geared towards the needs of traders in spread trading. While there are many trading websites on the Internet, a lot are set up to try and cater for everyone, and cover all aspects of many markets, which can result in confused and inaccessible information. Dan realized the need for a dedicated site for the exclusive use of spread traders.

Not that there is any shortage of information about trading on the Internet. If anything, there is far too much information, which results in information overload and paralysis analysis. It is true you can find information on virtually anything on the Internet, but much of that information must be regarded as unreliable unless you know the source well. The aim of Spread-Betting.ie is to be the one-stop for spread traders, supplying all the information that they need in order to exercise their chosen profession and providing a reliable and dependable resource that can be referenced frequently during their work.

Rapidly becoming the leading financial portal for spread traders in Ireland, we are focused on being the most important tool for this growing segment of the market, providing educational articles, news and analysis. Our charts and quotes will always be based on the latest and best information, and discussions will include the best way to interpret and utilize this information. Through the medium of articles, audio and visual content, we are committed to bring you the latest news and opinion which are relevant to your particular needs in trading contracts for difference.

While technical analysis, and to a lesser extent fundamental analysis, are essential for the trader, there are other aspects that have a great influence on the trader’s success. For instance, consider the mechanics of placing trades, how easy it is to do and how quickly a broker can respond to your orders. Our honest and ongoing review of the services offered by brokers and dealers will ensure that you can select the most appropriate platform for your trading.

We are proud that we empower the spread trader to exercise his skill and judgment without compromise, and that our position as an independent source of reference and advice ensures that you can always be confident in trusting and acting on our findings. Our expert staff and contributors have many years of experience that they are happy to pass on, and you may be assured that we maintain our independence so that we may determinedly present unbiased opinions of real value to the trader.